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Recollectics was founded by Daniel Lovegrove on April 1, 1990. The business  started as a one man operation specializing in baseball press pins. Since  he began his collection as a teenager in the mid-70's, Recollectics' owner,  Mr. Lovegrove, has become somewhat of an authority on press pins. He has  been interviewed many times for sports collectible periodicals, and his opinion  is widely accepted as a hobby standard.

The tradition of press pins began in 1911 when the owner of the Philadelphia  Athletics issued the pin as a sort of press pass to media and reporters with  legitimate credentials. This was to prevent John McGraw, the then Giants  manager, from sneaking his friends under the turnstiles and into the press  box. The 1911 pin was the first and is now the most valuable (except for  the one-of-a-kind 1939 Lou Gehrig pin (see "all-star press pins" at the  Recollectics home page)). Since 1911, every host (with the exception of the  1918 Cubs) has adopted the tradition. The original intent of the pins was  obviously to be a pass for media at these events, but that need has since  faded. Press pins are still produced as a commemorative item and they're  distribution is usually no longer completely limited to press members.

In the past nine years, Recollectics has grown to a conglomarate specializing in E-commerce publications, advertising, and of course, sports memorabilia.  We now carry press pins from almost every major sporting  event, championship rings, sports art, awards, and rare autographs.

We hope you enjoy our latest advertising investment, The Recollectics Web  Site! If you would like to make a purchase or sale, please us at: 203-655-7463. Recollectics stands behind every item we sell. If for  any reason you are not completely satisfied with any purchase, contact us  within 10 days of the purchase, and we will gladly refund your money. You  have our word. It's that simple!

If you have any comments regarding our site, send e-mail to email@recollectics.com Thank you.

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Recollectics® strives to provide the genuine sports  enthusiast with the finest collector items available.