Hockey rings, pins are hard to find collectibles


Usually most ads and articles deal with baseball and Super Bowl pins and  rings, but there are hockey ones, too.

Recently I received a 1942-43 Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup ring. Unlike  the big diamond-studded rings of today, the 1942-43 ring was a pinkie ring  with the inscription reversed.

The story behind this ring was after the Wings won the Cup, the general manager,  Jack Adams, asked the team if they wanted a cash bonus or a ring. The players  voted to take the cash.

After the money was paid, the NHL President, Frank Calder, told the Wings  they must give the players a ring, too.

Adams was furious. To get back at the league, he had the pinkie rings made  with the inscription backwards, such as a signet ring. There were only about  20 made and none of the office staff received one.

As for the press pins, there are two types All-Star Games and Stanley Cup  finals. As for the AD-Star games, I have three in my collection - two of  them; the 1981 game at Los Angeles and the 1974 game at Chicago are in the  shape of a skate, while the 1980 game at Detroit is in the shape of an oval.

The Stanley cup pins are in the shape of the Stanley Cup. The older ones  I have are the 1971 and '73. These have a dull gray finish. The 1980, '81,  '83 Cup pins have a shiny finish.

As to the price of the pins, I contacted SCD advertiser Daniel Lovegrove  of Recollectics. Daniel specializes in baseball, football, hockey and all  sorts of pins.

His market value on the Stanley Cup pins is in the $150 range, while the  All-Star pins go for about $200 each.

Lovegrove can be reached at (203) 655-7463; or P.O. Box 1011, Darien, Conn.  06820-1011. His fax number is (203) 656-3825.

I would like to hear from other collectors regarding other hockey rings and  press pins or hockey awards. Write to me at the address listed at the top  of this column.

Sports Collectors Digest - April 14, 1995.

Reprinted with permission from Krause Publications, Inc. (c) 1995 Krause  Publications, Inc.